Redondo + Pomona

After vegas we made our way to california! we decided to stay in san diego, and a really cool girl named Amanda let us crash on her couch for the night.  We went to a bar called Albi and found a Black Joe Lewis record in the Juke box, small world.  The next day we made our way to redondo a small city by the beach about  30 min outside of L.A. We played a club called the Brixtion which sat right on the beach, so we decided to spend the whole day chillin by the ocean. Some of us passed the time by walking around the beach enjoying the Redondo pier, and others decided to pass the day creating a giant reclining chair made out of sand. It was an early show, we played around eight and state radio around nine, and the folks at the Brixton treated us mighty fine.

Pomona was a strange place, tucked away from LA. Seemed more like a small town. Took us forever to make it there, so much traffic. 40 miles and 2 hours later, we finally made to sound check at the Glass House. Its an awesome venue with some of the best sound we experienced so far, best bathroom too and a washer and dryer.

Go Greeen Photos:

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