L.A treated us really well, we were playing three shows in L.A and the surrounding area, so were were able to hang out with our favorite Cali ladies Natalie, Emily, Margret, and Dunya.  These four were the coolest people you could ever hope to couch surf with, they and their friends welcomed us with open arms for 3 long days, showing us some local sights like a really great mexican restaurant, and introducing us to trader Joe’s Simpler Times (beer), and two buck chuck (wine).  We also chilled with their crazy fighting ninja cats snicks and crooks, and listened to a ton of great records. If you get the chance to you should check out Natalie’s band Mojo Stone they are really great. We made some time to go to venice beach where we had the worlds best korean BBQ tacos.  St. Patricks Day at the Troubadour was one of the best and most fun shows we have ever played.  We missed out on a lot of the famous shit but LA is fucking Dope, except for the weird 24 hour subways.

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